Full Review: Vapourium Stratus Pod Kit Australia


The Stratus Pod Kit is a hassle-free, compact and reliable pod kit. The Vapourium Stratus Pod Kit is a prefilled device designed to be used with replacement status pod systems. The Vapourium Stratus Kit is a light tiny form factor that easily fits in between fingers and can be held by the teeth.

The Vapourium Stratus pod system is simply designed to facilitate easy use, considered the best user-friendly device. It has a draw-activated firing system. This kit is suitable for those quitting old smoking habits and prefers a less harmful alternative. The Stratus Prefilled Kit is a pocket-friendly option for any individual but of high quality to enhance great experiences. The replacement stratus pods have a 1.8ml coil, 1ml of nicotine, and 50mg e-liquid.

The Vapourium Stratus Kit uses a prefilled cartridge system, making it easy to replace the stratus pods as no refilling is required.  A single cartridge has enough e-liquid to satisfy for several days before replacing it. The 1ml nicotine salt-based e-juice of up to 50mg/ml is of high quality and strength. Feed your nicotine cravings with this simple stratus pod kit.  The e-liquid stratus cartridges are strong and well sealed to avoid leakages. They are said to be hassle-free as they are efficient and provide no worries when using them.

Battery and Charging

The Vapourium Stratus Pod Kit is a chargeable pod device for continuous use. For this reason, it’s designed to be durable and designed to last longer in vaping moments. The battery has a good capacity which holds 280mAH power. Enjoy your vaping the entire whole day as the battery can support it. Stratus prefilled systems come with a micro USB charge which charges the system fast. The battery charges to full when depleted in under thirty minutes.

The Stratus Kit has the following accessories within the system:

  • A micro USB charge
  • 1ml e-liquid
  • A black stratus pod device
  • 280mAH battery
  • 1 Black current replacement stratus pod
  • 1 Kentucky gold replacement stratus pods
  • 1 Anzac replacement pod
  • I ice cucumber replacement pod
  • A stratus pod user guide

A complete vapourium stratus prefilled pod system has the above in the kit to last you longer and enjoy the experiences with a cost-effective device. One cartridge replacement pod can last for a week. It is convenient to use for those who quit smoking as the flavors are stimulating, and there is no need for a button to turn it on.


It comes with a range of stratus pods that have four flavors to meet your preferences. The common vapourium flavors are ice cucumber, blackcurrant Kentucky gold, and the most liked ANZAAC. Most of the flavors are common as they are used in the starter kits for those who have used them.

Ice Cucumber Flavor

This is the unique flavor that is not in the stratus starter pod kit. Its made from crispy cucumber, which is iced. The cucumber flavor has a surprisingly sweet, enjoyable taste that has a menthol-like feel.  Experience new heightened levels with this stratus pod, which is commonly underestimated by many new users.  The unique taste leaves an urging craving for more of this replacement stratus pod.


ANZAAC stratus flavor is a sweet taste flavor. Starters can go for this flavor as it has a buttery, biscuit, and oak flavor. These three ingredients deliver intensified enjoyments coming from the stimulations of the stratus pods. The taste lasts till the last e-liquid drop is over. This flavor is suitable for non-smokers. The curios sweet aroma from the flavor stimulates your senses even before use. Try out vaping experience with the most loved ANZAAC flavor. 

Blackcurrant Flavor

Blackcurrant is a sweet and authentic flavor similar to the cassis and Chambord tastes. It has a richly sweet and mild effect.  The nicotine salt makes it smooth for the throat, and it is perfect for hot weather situations.

Kentucky Gold Flavor

This vape flavor is considered the best compared to any kind of cigarette flavor. The flavor leaves you craving for more after a few puffs as it's sweet, alluring, and effective. The stratus pod delivers a full rounded taste and a wonderful feeling of smoking with no harmful side effects. It has a yellow guard t the bottom, which, when opened, releases a rich and sweet smell to awaken your nostalgia. The smell is like that of a freshly opened cigar pack. Experience new satisfaction levels with this stratus pod as the hit, feel, and flavor let you enjoy the moment.

The vapourium manufactures are at the forefront to help you quit smoking. These flavors offer complete enjoyment as each has its own purpose. Enjoy a combination of all smoking aspects from these stratus pod tastes.

Can you refill a vapourium stratus pod?

The cartridges for the stratus prefilled systems are non-refillable. They need to be replaced when the e-liquid is over. The multiple stratus pods are the ones replaced when they run out. Consider buying a new kit.

Why use the vapourium prefilled stratus pod kits

They are the best alternative for tobacco smokers and stimulate the body with no worries about harmful side downs. They are afforded at lower costs but offer a variety of flavors to meet individual preferences. They deliver mouth-to-lung vaping experiences just like smoking. The device is a tiny form factor that has a good hand feel. It's small and discrete, making it perfect for private purposes.

The bottom line

Vapourium status prefilled pod systems are the best type of nicotine delivery systems. It is efficient and needs no maintenance or additional devices for it to function. The stratus is activated by inhaling only, which makes it easier for anyone to handle it.  It’s the perfect pod system to help smokers quit tobacco smoking, which adversely affects the body. This product is to be sold and used by people above the age of 21. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug; enjoy your stratus pod with precaution. Feed your vape and nicotine cravings with these quality pod systems for a stimulating and sweet flavor taste.

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