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The Fruita plus disposable vape system is the latest inventory of all-in-one vapor devices from fresh farms e-liquid manufacturers. This vapor system is portable and compact, suitable for any vaper to enjoy using.

Are you a fan of flavored vape pens?  Enjoy our fruity salt-based nicotine e-juices from fresh farms for more vibrant experiences. This e-liquid fix has great taste and is made of different styles to suit all vapers. The fruitia plus disposable device lasts longer and has the best fruity flavors. Start your vaping experience with the fruitia disposable pod system. These devices have a draw-activated style with 5ml e-juice, 5% nicotine, and 1500 fruity puffs.

About fruitia plus vape pens

Fresh farm manufactures are the producers of fruitia plus vape pen disposable systems. Their objective is to help smokers quit by providing other alternatives which are harmless and users can trust. They are a leading brand in the e-liquid market. The fruitia plus pod system is the newest disposable pod that has fruitia salts for your flavor taste. The vapers are great and strictly not for minors.

This device is simple to use and needs no charging, maintenance, or refilling and reuse. When the liquid exhausts, throw away the device and get a new one. The fruitia plus device produces about 1500 puffs which are powered by a 650mh battery. The 5ml capacity provides enough nicotine salt-based juice to feed you throughout the day. This ensures a great battery life and a sweet, wonderful flavor with each vape inhale. They are available at fair prices, which make them easy to acquire and worth the costs. Get a fruitia plus disposable device to enhance your vaping bliss moments with up to 1500 puffs. The puffs are better and strong for easy inhalation.

Flavors and taste

This fruit plus system is fruit-based and is made of different fruit tastes. The all-in-one taste provides users with options to apply which they prefer and like. The common fruit flavors include:

Pineapple citrus twist

This flavor contains three fruits and is certain to bring satisfaction and stimulate your taste buds. Mango, citrus, and pineapple are the materials to deliver an electrifying taste for a perfect bomb session.

Apple kiwi crush

Crispy sweet apples and luscious tropical kiwi are the ingredients used to blend a sweet and perfect flavor. It's one of the most liked and used due to its great taste. This tropical harmony is perfect for your vape pen experiences for those who like the sweet juicy taste.

Strawberry apple watermelon

This contains a sweet and juicy blending of three different fruits. Awaken your taste buds with sweet strawberries, tart apples, and watermelons. This flavor provides a sweet met to satisfy you the entire day.

Smooth banana ice

For banana lovers, this flavor is meant to provide smooth chills and satisfy your puff experiences. Its made of ripe bananas and placed on ice to provide cool chills.


Blood orange cactus cooler

This type of flavor is perfect for those who desire sweet and sour fruits. They are made of a blend of bold blood oranges and cactus fruit to cool the taste buds and invigorate the vape senses.

Passion fruit guava punch

This combination makes it perfect for sweet-bitter experiences. The ingredients used are luscious passion fruits and exotic guavas. They are a great fruity blend to bliss your day away with amazing inhales.

Pineapple citrus twist

Tropical pineapples and bright citrus tarts are the perfect fruity duo to make a good taste flavor. Enjoy the cool stimulating taste delivered by this flavor to roll your summer on.

Blueberry blast

This flavor is sweet and gets tastier when using. It is made from sweet, juicy strawberry tart fruits.

How the fruitia plus disposable system works

 The e-cigarettes are already fully charged and contain the e-juice in the disposable.  They have a button where users click to light it on. The sensor then releases energy which flows t the e-liquid. The e-liquid, when heated, changes to vapor. One can now inhale the vapor from the mouthpiece. Inhale and exhale simultaneously to enjoy the flavors up to 1500 puffs in a day.

Differences between fruitia plus vape pens and other disposable vape pens

Unlike other disposable vape pens, the fruitia plus pod device is made of fruit-based e-juices. The e-liquids are fruity nicotine base to provide a fruit feel to your taste buds when using them.

Fruita plus kits are suitable for any user s they have no tobacco or any flavor that might irritate the user if trying for the first time.

Comparisons with the JUUL pod device

Many users of the fruitia plus pod system have likened it to the JUUL pod system. The JUUL pod device is a fruity nicotine salt e-liquid pod too. There are some slight differences between the two, though. First, the fruitia plus system is a new generation of disposable vapes. It comes with more fruity flavor options than the JUUL pods.

The pods of fruitia plus systems contain more e-liquids than the JUUL pods; hence it lasts longer and has a stronger nicotine bliss. Lastly, the fruitia plus device has more puffs. It delivers up to 1500 puffs per box, hence its name, the 1500 puffs fruitia disposable pod system.

The fruitia plus pod system are of two kinds, closed and open pod system. The closed systems are easy to use and perfect for first-timers; they have no fuss and deliver an enjoyable experience.


Quit your smoking addiction with aid from the fruitia plus disposable pod device. Fresh farm liquids give you the best alternative to help you forget your smoking habit. The device is cost-effective and very efficient to satisfy you.  Overall these pod devices are the best disposable devices I know; they last longer and have great flavor taste, more than 9. I recommend using this product as its battery power is also very reliable to run you through the entire day.

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