SOLO Disposable Vape Kit (Recyclable) Australia


Solo Disposable Vape Devices are a fully throw-away systems powered by a 280 mAh battery. These devices come with 6 different flavors and 4 % nicotine salt strength in the 1.2 ml pod.

Unlike traditional E-cigs, the Solo Vape pods can be recycled through TerraCycle.  These disposables are crafted with high-quality E-liquid flavors that give anyone looking to transform from smoking to vaping a better first experience. Moreover, these vaping devices come with pre-filled pods and charged 280 mAh battery to allow you to start vaping straight away. With the 4 % nicotine salt strength, you will experience great treatment for each puff you take. The different flavors you will get in Solo Disposable Vape Device include Watermelon Ice, Mango Ice, Peach Ice, Gold Tobacco, Menthol Ice, and Aqua Mint.

About Solo Disposables

SOLO is a New Zealand-based company that manufactures high-quality and user-friendly disposable vape pods. Its vaping devices feature 6 mouth-watering flavors and a simple design that provides a no-fuss vaping experience. Solo's disposables can be used by beginner e-cig smokers and advanced guys in the vaping world.   Whether you are looking to further your vaping experience or switch from smoking to vaping, Solo has the best deals for you at pocket-friendly prices.

Why Choose Solo Disposables for Vaping?

Vaping is a current form of smoking. It involves the inhalation of nicotine-infused vapor from e-liquids using Vape devices.  Vaping and smoking involve inhaling nicotine. However, the former is much safer because no tobacco is burned to deliver nicotine.  E-cigs are always a better choice for those people planning to quit cigarette smoking.

Solo Disposables resemble cigarettes but are smaller. These devices are powered by rechargeable 280 mAh batteries. This means it may need some maintenance before using and throwing away.  Solo flavored disposables e-cigs are a better option if you want to experiment with vaping before going for highly-priced vape pens that can require proper maintenance.

These devices are pre-filled with e-juice requiring less maintenance because they can be disposed. Solo Disposables have various functions and capabilities.  For instance, they come with LED lights at the bottom to show you the battery life and vaping wattage.  The available shapes, shapes, and colors allow you to choose Solo disposable devices that match your personality.

Why Shift to Vaping with Solo Vaping Disposables?

Unlike smoking, vaping is associated with minimal health risks. Solo vaping disposables are portable, allowing you to indulge in vaping at any time.  According to recent research, marijuana and tobacco smoke contain toxins that can harm your body in the long run.  However, with vaping, you can stay free from these toxins to boost the health of your respiratory system.

What Do Solo Disposable Devices Carry to Your Body When Vaping?

 These devices are made with e-juices of 6 flavors to elevate your vaping experience.  The 6 flavors have no other additives for safety purposes. The composition of the contents is categorized into four parts including;

Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol

 Approximately 90% of the vape juice is Vegetable glycerin(VG) that functions as the carrier for flavor and nicotine.  In most cases, nicotine is mixed with propylene glycol(PG) or Polyethylene glycol to thicker vapor clouds. However, the thickness of the vapor cloud depends on the amount of propylene glycol added.


More than 10 percent of flavors used in solo disposables can be food-grade flavorings or essences like mint.


 Solo Disposable vaping devices have   4 % nicotine strength. However, the strength of this chemical varies across all vaping devices. Nicotine increases easily penetrates the bloodstream to satisfy your cravings.


Can Solo Disposable Vape Devices Be Re-Used?

Solo Disposable vape devices cannot be re-used.    Refilling the Vape device can overuse the coils compromising with its life span.  Moreover, any attempt to open a fixed e-juice tank for refilling might affect the vape device's functionality.

How Does the Solo Disposable Vape Device Work?

Solo Disposables are small and Discrete. For that reason, using them is also easy.  When you turn them on and draw on the mouthpiece, the battery heats the vape juice to create an inhalant.   The inhalant is what you consume to satisfy your cravings.  Solo Disposables have LED lights at the bottom to show you if it's working.  They also come with switch buttons for activating the heat source to burn the e-juice. The LED light also stays on until you finish your dose.

How will you know if your Vaping Device is used Up?

A used-up Solo Disposable device will have reduced performance.   This means the vapor cloud production and flavor taste will go down.  You may also notice changes in weight and aroma.  The aroma will grow weaker, resulting in the production of a harsh and smoky scent.  At this point, you can discard the device and look for another one if possible.

How do you store your SOLO Disposables?

 Despite lasting a short time, your Solo disposable may require proper storage to take you up to the last puff. Store the device in a cool and dry place to extend its life span.  Also, keep the vape device away from direct sunlight to maintain the quality of vape juice.

What to Consider When Buying Solo Disposable Devices

In the market with hundreds of Disposables now available, choosing what matches your needs can be a little daunting.  However, the following tips can help you choose the best device to take your vaping experience to another level.


Modern vaping devices come with functionalities and capabilities that spice up your vaping moments.  Solo Disposables are no exception in this as they come with LED lights to show you the battery life and vape juice level. To embrace modernity in the vaping world, choose devices that come with a mixture of functionalities and capabilities.

Battery Life

Solo disposables come with 280 mAh batteries that power the vape juice heating system. This battery capacity is small compared to what other devices in the market offer.  The only advantage you have is that this little battery is rechargeable.

 The Bottom Line

When used in the right way, Solo Disposable devices can help you transition from smoking to vaping. After gaining vaping experience, switch to a vaping device that suits you for a better alternative to smoking tobacco. 




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