RELX Essential Nicotine Vape Pods Australia


RELX essential prefilled kit is a new invention in disposable pod systems for mouth and lung inhalation. They have e-liquid juice of 2ml, which comes prefilled.  The RELX essential device is a compact, portable, and easy-to-use vaper.

The RELX essential kit is the perfect alternative for those who are trying to stop smoking.  It feeds the craving for cigarettes as it has cigar-like features and provides great experiences. It's the best option to help you stop smoking. Smoking cigarettes comes with adverse effects on your health. These RELX kits offer great comfort and are significantly less harmful than cigarettes. 

RELX essential prefilled devices have a simple portable pod system powered with a 350mh battery to sustain longer sessions.  Each prefilled pod e-liquid has a capacity of 1.9ml to bliss you through the entire day. RELX kits are chargeable for reuse when the charge dies off. The relx essential kit is shaped like a cigarette. It is held between fingers like a JUUL, INFINIX, or a cigar. About RELX

RELX technologies is a china based e-cigarette manufacturing company. The company is a new provider of vapes as it entered the market a few years ago. However, RELX has established itself as one of the best vape makers and build a fortune due to its quality devices. RELX is a new generation vaping technology that combines style and specific designs to produce more sophisticated and cost-effective systems. The vape pens recharge quickly and last long.

RELX essential prefilled pod system features

The RELX essential kit has prefilled pods that come with one pod per pack. The prefilled pods of up to 1.9ml are of various flavors to meet the different taste demands of adult vapers. These kits have a salt nicotine base, which can be more effective than freebase nicotine. The organic nicotine is simple and of high quality to facilitate smooth vape inhalation. The RELX essential kit has a great battery. The RELX essential device kit is made with precision, has a type c charging system, and has a 10 W-15W power output.  They are made of various colors ranging from black, grey, orange, and more to satisfy your favorite color terms. The flavors are many to meet the individual preferences in taste. 

Product specifications

The RELX essential kit is a specially designed kit made of an aluminum body. It’s the latest kind of closed vapor system in the market. RELX vape produces a rich, smooth vapor for an individual to enjoy vaping experiences. The pod system is leak resistance as the body is ergonomic.

  • Specifications within the kit
  • Compatible with RELX infinity pro pods
  • USB cable
  • A user guide
  • 2 RELX pro pods
  • The charger is Type C
  • Leak resistance
  • Puffs released 500
  • Charge in 40 minutes
  • Draw activated firing mechanism
  • Non- refillable pods
  • 3% (approx 34mg) nicotine salt e-liquid


Flavors and taste

The RELX essential vape pods are made of different pleasing tastes to meet individual preferences. The flavors leave a sweet smell which makes them likable. The commonly used flavors re

  • Menthol plus
  • Tangy purple
  • Raspy ruby
  • Fresh red
  • Dark sparkle
  • Ludou ice
  • Classic tobacco

Choose a flavor that meets your interest taste for a memorable experience. Smokers can use the classic Tobacco Flavor, Which Has A Tobacco Taste That Makes Them Feel At Home.

Comparisons With Other Products

RELX Essential Prefilled Device VS The Traditional Cigarette

Vaping came out as a replacement for traditional cigarettes. This arose as people opted for harmful stimulating devices. RELX nicotine systems are considered better than tobacco cigarettes due to the following reasons:

No combustion

Cigarettes are a safer option as there is no smoke or tar from tobacco ingredients. Smoke and tar are harmful to the human body. This reason makes RELX essential better choices as there is an absence of combustion when vaping.

Control Over Nicotine Level

RELX vape e-liquids have different levels of nicotine strength. Individuals can regulate the amount of nicotine to take or even use nicotine-free pods. All RELX essential vapes have a 3% to 5% nicotine range to help you decide your nicotine intake.

No bad odor

Traditional cigarettes leave a bad smell as the tobacco burns. The RELX essential vape delivers a sweet aroma that varies with the different flavors used.

Can RELX Essential Devices Be Refilled?

These pod systems come prefilled; for safety and quality reasons, the RELX pods are not refilled or reused. Once thee-liquids in the pods are over, consider buying new RELX pods.

The Best Way To Use RELX Essential Pod

Place your fingers on the edge of the mouthpiece when inserting the pod to avoid compressing it.  Click the button to activate the puffing mechanism. The first puffs might require a little suction, but as you continue, the puffs smoothen. The devices are designed to puff drawing pressure gently. Deep and hard puffs can force the e-liquid into the air path cycle, causing leakage.

The Closed System of The RELX Essential Vape Pods

Closed system vape pods are perfect for all users, especially beginners. These pods are simple to use as they can't be open, refilled, and need less maintenance.  A simple click and inhale kicks the system, and you are ready to go. When the e-liquid runs out, replace the cartridge and enjoy more puffing. This system makes the RELX pods a perfect choice for transitioning smokers. They deliver a great nicotine hit with no fuss on settings or e-liquids. Enjoy the sweet inhaling experiences with these RELX pods to help you quit smoking tobacco.


It's a cost-effective but very high quality pod vape device.

One of the best vape devices to help you quit your smoking habits.

It's easy to use as it is designed simply for any individual to operate

It's a light and portable pod system.


RELX essential pods are one of the best pod devices to help you transition from tobacco smoking. 

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