Alt. Prefilled Nicotine Pod Vape Kit Australia


Alt. Pre-filled Pod Systems are a definitive alternative to smoking. With a long-lasting rechargeable battery, the alt. pod can give you a full vaping day equivalent to 1.5 packets of cigarettes.

There are hundreds of vaping devices in the market that provide different experiences in the vaping world. For instance, there are vape pods, vape pens, and box mods.  Vape pods are small and discreet. They also come with reusable batteries and can be refilled or disposed of. Vape Mods are larger and than Pods. The large space accommodates multiple batteries for top performance a vaper may never find in Pods. Vape Pens have come in various shapes, colors, and features.  Most of them are made up of a battery, a tank for holding the e-juice, and a mouthpiece that enhances the drawing of the vapor.

Alt. Company

Alt. is a New Zealand-based company that majors in the production of high-quality vaping pods.   It is one of the top companies in the countries dedicated to creating a smoke-free environment.   Alt. Pods have helped thousands of people transition from smoking to vaping. If you are also an advanced user, you can also find extra excitement in these vaping devices.

Why Choose Alt. Pre-filled Pod Systems?

There are many reasons to celebrate the invention of Alt. Pod Systems, whether you come from   New Zealand or other parts of the world.  Like other vape pods, Alt. devices are automatic, featuring reusable batteries and cartridges that hold the vape juice. They use advanced coil technology to provide thick vapor while keeping the battery consumption low. While there are hundreds of vape pod brands in the market, these are the reasons why vapers should consider Alt. Pre-filled Pod Systems.

 Easily Accessible

Alt. Pre-filled Pod Systems are available in specialist vape shops and many other growing stores in New Zealand. This means you can easily get the devices in places you shop for cigarettes.

Easy to use

These vaping devices come with pods pre-filled with vape juice and a battery to power the heating system. To get started, simply click the pre-filled pod onto the battery.  More interestingly, alt. pods have large cartridges that can be replaced after finishing the e-juice.  After replacing the pod, charge the device to enjoy more vaping hours.

It is Effective

Alt. Pre-filled pod systems have a proprietary nicotine blend that gives you the same satisfaction as traditional cigarettes. Other alt.  variants come with zero nicotine to meet the needs of all vapers.

They are Recyclable Pods

Alt.  has created a program with Terracycle, the global recycling giant, to recycle its products. This is a vital move that a few vaping pod makers have taken to keep the environment clean. To make this happen, return the used pods to any authorised Alt. Reseller vape specialty store in New Zealand. 

Flavors and Tastes Used in Alt. Pre-filled Pod System

Alt. Pre-filled Pod System comes in a wide range of flavors and tastes to meet the needs of all vapers worldwide.  Each flavor is backed up by 40mg and 20mg of nicotine salt to provide the satisfaction one can get in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Here are the 10 flavors you will get in your alt. pod.


This flavor is obtained from Mexican species called flat-leaved vanilla. Alt. Uses rich and creamy Vanilla pods to satisfy the needs of vanilla lovers. This refreshing can be a better choice for those who dislike menthol.

Menthol Ice

Menthol Ice is a must-try flavour if you love menthol.

Gold Tobacco

Gold Tobacco is a mixture of caramel and vanilla with small proportions of tobacco. The flavor provides the same feel as a traditional cigarette.   For that reason, it is an ideal e-liquid for those who want to give up smoking.


If you like the mango vibes, this flavor can be worth your attention.

Grape Mint

This leaves a long-lasting grape flavor at the tip of your tongue and a cool, minty treat that leaves your throat and taste buds excited. 


Boysenberry is among the cherished flavor profiles in New Zealand. Its vapor tastes like a mixture of blackberries and raspberries.  The flavor has high tones of blackberry juice, sweet, floral traits of raspberry, and tang.


If you dislike menthol, this can be the best flavor to turn to.  Its smooth and refreshing draw works well on your throat to satisfy nicotine cravings.

Peach Ice

Peach Ice is obtained from a blend of juicy ripe peaches with cool menthol. A minty finish is well balanced in this flavor to give its lovers a reason to always come back.   Each puff hits your tastebuds differently, leaving you with a pleasant taste of fresh and fruity peach flavor.


This is a common summertime flavor you get in fruit juices and candy. Every hit of the flavor delivers a huge vapor cloud and the sweet taste of pineapple.

Aqua Mint

This is simply a sweet mint flavor with 40 mg of nicotine to give you a refreshing vaping session. Alt. pod leaves you with many options to pick from their collection.  

Maintaining your Alt. Pre-filled Pod System

Alt.  Pods are long-lasting vaping devices that require proper maintenance to get the best from them. For that reason, you may be needed to change pods and coils regularly to maintain their optimal performance.

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