Yearn Neat 2 Refillable Pod Kit Australia


One of the newest vape pod launches to hit the market is the UWELL Yearn Neat 2 Pod. It is easy to use, economical and one of the best Pod Vape Kits on flavour delivery.


The Uwell Yearn Neat 2 is the main follow-up pod system to the very popular UWELL Yearn. There are some few differences between the two devices, though the main difference is that the original Yearn also functioned with prefilled replacement pods. The UWELL Yearn Neat 2 outputs 11 watts operating on a 370mAh internal battery. The pod holds 1.5 mL of juice and is rated at 1.4 ohms. 

Design & Build Quality

The Yearn Neat 2 is a very simple-looking device that can be comfortably used by both experienced and beginner vapers. The Yearn Neat 2 is approximately 22.1mm wide, 102mm tall, and 11.5mm thick, with a weight of 27.9g. Meaning it's smaller and portable than the Caliburn G. you can comfortably slip it in the pocket or handbag and it fits naturally in the palm of your hand. 


The Neat 2 is available in six colors; orange, blue, red, black, grey, and green. It comes with a shiny finish but not a mirror finish. It looks simple and good. One side has got a 'yearn' printed while the other side has a 'neat.' The body can scratch, but the dark color makes it difficult to see and unnoticeable to most people.

There are no buttons on this device. It's only draw-activated. That is, you can inhale on the mouthpiece while vaping. It will fire at more than 12W, and if you take a draw, the smaller LED will then light up to show your battery charge level. Generally, the Yearn Neat 2 has a very simple design, though it still looks very nice, as long as you don't leave it in a bag with your keys or even drop it down.


UWELL Yearn Neat 2 Replacement Pods

The Yearn Neat 2 is always similar to the initial Caliburn devices since it uses pods with non-removable coils. The coils are in-built in the pods. Thus after you are done with a pod, you will need to throw it away and get a new one. The Neat 2 comes with a single pod in the package, and replacement pods are available in packs of 2. The pod's capacity is 2ml. The pod comes with a slight tint; thus, seeing the amount of ejuice left inside the pod will highly depend on the lighting conditions. The pod must not necessarily be removed if you want to fill it since the fill bung is found on the side of the pod.

The pod magnetically attaches itself to the battery. There can be a slight wiggle you will notice when the pod is attached, although this doesnt worry most people. 

Inside the pod is a 0.9watts mesh coil that is perfectly suited to nicotine salt ejuice though it can also be used with a regular nicotine ejuice. The coil seems similar to those of Koko Prime and Caliburn G and uses Uwell’s “Pro-FOCS” flavor technology.

Battery & charging

Note that the 520mAh battery on the Yearn Neat 2 might seem small, though it’s because it uses a 0.9 watts coil that delivers reasonable battery life. The LED on the front of Yearn Neat 2 will light up immediately you take a draw to show your battery charge level. Three colors indicate the level of the battery: red, green, and blue. Green shows the battery is at 60% or more, blue is a charge of between 30-60%, while red is less than 30%.

Note that when you charge the Yearn Neat 2, the LED indicator will immediately light up. It will pulse the LED slowly to show that it is charging. Pulsing red is below 30% charge, pulsing blue is between 30-60% charges, while pulsing green is just 60-99% charged. The green light will turn solid, and it won't turn off even after it gets completely charged.

The only downside of the Neat 2 is it doesnt come with a Type-C charge cable, for most vapers this shouldnt cause an issue (especially if you are using as a supplementary device and have a few spare cables around home).  



The flavor you get from the Yearn Neat 2 is just as perfect as you would expect from a company like UWELL. The flavor is top-notch and some argue superior to Caliburn G. 

The draw is warm and nice and releases an unexpected amount of vapor too. For the airflow, it's a medium mouth to a lung draw; it is neither tight nor loose. Though it is tighter compared to the Caliburn G., all in all, it's a very good vape.

Depending on the concentration of nicotine you bought, the throat hit will either be strong with the 50 mg/ml or light with 20 mg/ml. With 50 mg/ml, the throat hit might be a bit sharp for some. You can still chain vape it well if your hits aren't too long, taking consecutive hits over 5 seconds. 


The UWELL Neat 2 is incredible on flavour delivery and leagues ahead of comparative pod vapes at levels normally unheard of with this type of device. 

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