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Undeniably, pod vapes and refillable pod system are an innovative and convenient invention for vapers. Vape pods can offer both portability and cost efficiency at the same time. Likewise, pod vapes are the best choice if you prefer stealth vaping to avoid on-lookers. Uwell Caliburn remains one among the top-rated vape pods for its performance and portability.


To a large extent, people who want to quit smoking prefer pod vapes and nicotine salts. Nic salts offer the nicotine to tackle the craving. At the same moment, vaping saves the vaper from harsh chemicals, tar, and other harmful substances that are inhaled while smoking. 


Uwell is a great brand known for its high-quality vape devices and accessories. Caliburn vape pod device is another admirable addition in Uwell’s offering. A few impressive features in this vape pod tend to make any vaper to replace their all-day vape kit with Caliburn.


Build Quality and Aesthetics.


Caliburn is similar to JUUL pod vapes in terms of looks. Except, the size is slightly bigger than JUUL. Feels very light while taking it in your hands. Equally, the aluminum alloy construction feels sturdy, and it sure can absorb accidental drops. The color choices are pretty gentle and add to the simplicity of the design. 


Precisely, the design is suitable for stealth vaping and to enjoy vaping on the move. However, the construction is sturdy and made using high-quality materials, and it can withstand heavy conventional usage.




Overall, the usage is remarkably easy, simple, and enjoyable. Nobody enjoys a difficult to refill, clean, and replacing pods or coils. However, all the parts in Caliburn pod vape can be removed and assembled easily. Even a beginner can clean all the parts in no-time with no experience. 


When used with saltnic juices, the coils work perfectly and the wicking is flawless. Let’s be honest, a vape session becomes enjoyable only when the wicking is perfect. 


Caliburn delivers the best in terms of coil performance and ease of filling e-liquids. Just remove the mouthpiece and fill using the 3.5mm ports, put on the mouthpiece again, and you’re good to go.


Vape Quality


Predominantly, vape quality depends on the quality of the vape liquid. Nonetheless, even an e-liquid with poor taste and cloud production can be enjoyed all day if the device’s performance is good. Caliburn offers an restrictive yet slightly smooth draw.The draws are best suited for MTL


Caliburn from Uwell is a great choice for people who would enjoy flavors and Nic salts a lot. 

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