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VLADDIN Vantage Refillable Pod Kit 


The Vladdin Vantage comes in 4 different colours. You can choose from red, silver, blue or black. It comes in a very handy carry case. The Vladdin Vantage device is sleek, very nice to hold and the perfect size. 

Included in the case is: 

  • 1 x C charging cable
  • 1 x Vladdin Vantage device
  • 1 x MTL 1.2ohm refillable pod cartridge - 11W
  • 1 x DTL 0.8ohm refillable pod cartridge - 15W
  • 1 x Vladdin Vantage User manual

What is great about the case is when you don’t need the charging cable you can instead fit a small bottle of nicotine salts inside the case where the charging cable would normally go.  


Operating the Vladdin Vantage 

Turn the device on by pressing the fire button 5 times. Click 5 times also when you want to turn it off. The fire button will flash red then green then blue one time each. If the battery is full it will show 4 battery indicator lights. 

  • 80% - 100% battery power = 4 white lights on for 2 seconds 
  • 55% - 80% battery power = 3 white lights on for 2 seconds 
  • 30% - 55% battery power = 2 white lights on for 2 seconds 
  • 10% - 30% battery power = 1 white light on for 2 seconds 
  • Less than 10% battery power = 1 white light flashes 3 times to indicate low battery power 


Charging the Vladdin Vantage 

To charge the Vladdin Vantage get your C charging cable (a lot of phones these days are changing to USB C charging cables now so this cable is very handy to have if you were to lose your phone cable or the Vladdin Vantage cable). Plug it into the bottom of the Vladdin device then plug it into a USB port. For example, you could plug it into a computer USB port, PlayStation/Xbox USB port, your phone charger adapter or even your TV. The white battery indicator light flashes when it is charging. Once it is fully charged the lights will stay on. It charges very fast; it only takes approximately 30 minutes to charge from a low battery. 


Vladdin Vantage refillable pod cartridges 

There are 2 pods: 


MTL 102ohm refillable clear pod cartridge – 11W (mouth to lung) 
DTL or DL 0.8ohm refillable blue pod cartridge – 15W (direct to lung) 

It is suited for both high mg nicotine salts MTL vaping and low mg nicotine salts DTL vaping. 

When each pod is connected to the device it will automatically detect which pod cartridge you have inserted and will adjust the wattage automatically. 


Filling the pod with Nicotine Salts E-liquids 

Detach the pod cartridge from the Vantage device by holding the narrow edges, then pull it off, it will come off quite easily. Remove the black cap from the pod, this will come off easily too. There are 3 holes at the top of the pod. Use the left or right hole to fill the pod cartridge with your flavoured nicotine salts. Do not fill the center hole. I recommend using nicotine salt e-liquids for the best results. Fill the pod cartridge using one of the side holes with your preferred flavoured nicotine salts. The tip of the nicotine salts bottle will fit perfectly in the hole. When it is full wipe it down with a tissue in case of spillages, then place the black cap back on. 

Each pod has a different sticker on the underside where it connects to the battery:  

  • Vladdin for MTL
  • Vladdin for DL

Remove these stickers before use. Place the pod cartridge onto the Vladdin Vantage device, it slips on with no force needed by magnet and won’t fall off when it is knocked or upside down. Once it is filled always wait at least 10 minutes for the nicotine salts to soak in before you use it otherwise you could damage the coil.   

Vaping with your new Vladdin Vantage device 

DTL blue pod cartridge - is best for direct to lung use. When this pod is plugged in the fire button will illuminate blue. 

MTL clear pod cartridge - is best for mouth to lung. When this pod is plugged in the fire button will Illuminate white. 

Inhale while pressing the fire button. The fire button will illuminate while it is working. 

Enjoy a smooth vaping experience with the Vladdin Vantage. 


Note: if the nicotine salts run out in the pod cartridge while you are still vaping with it you could damage the coil, so keep a close eye on the amount of nicotine salts left in the pod cartridge as often as possible. 

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