New Zealand Vaping Regulations Passed! What do the new vaping laws mean?


On August 6th 2020, the New Zealand Government passed a Bill covering vaping regulations in New Zealand. The provisions of this legislation will be phased into effect starting 3 months from now (November 2020) and come into full force in February 2022.



There is positive intent!

The new regulation seeks to
  • Encourage vaping as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco. 
  • Differentiate vaping from cigarettes by classifying them as a "Notifiable Product" rather than a "Tobacco Product"  
  • Continue the availability of flavoured eliquids
  • Prevent young people and non smokers from taking up vaping. 

 Specialist Vape Stores have an important role to play!


Approved Specialist Vape Retailers

  • Until now, Vape Stores have been responsibly self regulating & ultimately the driving force which has made vaping what it is today by way of providing education & support and bringing innovative new products to you as a vaper! 
  • Vape stores will be able apply to the to become a "Specialist Vape Retailer". To be eligible, 70% of sales must come from Vaping Products, and there must be a physical retail premises.  
  • The new regulations acknowledge the importance of Vape Stores and as such aim to keep most things the same from your prospective, although online only vape stores will be subject to more restrictions than a "Specialist Vape Retailer"

Product Notification Scheme

  • All vaping products will require a notification to a government managed database to ensure all devices and eliquids are up to a high quality safety standard, and also to assist in the event of a product recall. 
  • A retailer is not permitted to sell a vaping product if the importer or manufacturer has not lodged it on the "Notification Database" 
  • The Governor General has the power to suspend or remove a product from the notification database if it is deemed unsafe.  

The disappointing part ....


Flavour Bans in some stores

  • General (Dairies, Petrol Stations and Supermarkets) and online-only vape retailers will soon only be allowed to sell just three vape flavours. Mint, Menthol and Tobacco. 
  • Flavours will continue to be allowed in Specialist Vape Stores  

Vaping in Work Place Bans

  • Vaping will no longer be permitted in any workplace. Exceptions will apply to Specialist Vape Retailers.

Advertising and Sponsorship Bans

  • Although the Attorney-General issued a report stating this would go against the Bill of Rights, all advertising and sponsorship will be prohibited. Some exceptions will apply to Specialist Vape Retailers within physical and online stores. 

Nicotine Pouch Bans

  • Tobacco Free SNUS will be prohibited for sale in New Zealand despite the Ministry of Health advising the Health Select Committee that Oral Nicotine Products are significantly less harmful than smoking.  

Implementation Timeline

November 2020:
  • Vaping in workplaces prohibited
  • Advertising and sponsorship relating to vaping products prohibited
  • Sale of vaping products and toy vaping products to under-18s prohibited
  • Importation and sale of products for oral use prohibited
  • Manufacturers and importers must advise the Ministry of adverse reactions to vaping products
May 2021:
  • Schools, early childhood centres, etc. must display ‘no smoking or vaping’ notices
  • Vaping and smokeless tobacco products must not contain colours
August 2021:
  • New regulations expected to come into force
  • Retailers can apply to be specialist vape retailers
  • Manufacturers and importers can start notifying their products
February 2022:
  • Only notified products can be sold
  • Manufacturers and importers must notify their products each year
  • Retailers must display health warnings and R18 notices.
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