Full Review: Myle Mini Disposable Vape Pods


A MYLE mini disposable pod system is a small, light-weighted device resembling a lighter.  It's the newest inventory in all-in-one disposable accessories.  It has a nicotine salt-based system manufactured by MYLE, a leading vapor brand.

Each pod device has two 1.2ml disposable boxes already charged. The MYLE device is perfect for beginners to vaping. For those considering quitting cigarettes, MYLE mini devices are the real and fit alternatives to help you. They have tobacco flavor, which makes it easy for smokers to adapt and feel at home. This pod system natural nicotine salts deliver satisfying taste and flavors to the taste buds to bliss away your day. MYLE mini pods have multiple tastes, which provide individuals with more options to feed their favorite flavors needs.


The MYLE mini 2 disposable device is the latest model of pre-filled disposable equipment and is easy to carry as its light and compact. This compact device is simply designed for quick and continued use. They need no maintenance, refilling, or charging.  Most devices are black in color. They come with powerful batteries to support them. They are already filled with e-liquid, which can sustain an individual for a whole day. A Myle mini pack has 2 sealed vapes which are 3 inches in length. They are perfect for on-the-go sessions as there is no fusing with pod leaks. The pod systems have 1.2ml e-liquid juices, which can generate up to 320 puffs per pod depending on the inhalation of users.  Salt-based nicotine is a 50mg capacity that facilitates smooth inhalation, hit, and a clear nicotine buzz to peacefully bliss your day. The box is translucent, which makes monitoring the usage of the e-liquid easy.  MYLE mini disposable pod systems have silica coils and cotton pieces that facilitate easy inhaling and prevent spitting out of saliva. Enjoy vaping sessions and get new experiences with the many unique flavors. It has over 20 pleasing tastes to create great daily experiences.

Using the Myle mini disposable pod device

This device is simple and comfortable to use. The myle device has round edges that make it easy to hold it and a click button to easily turn it on and off when inserting and removing the pods.  It has good airflow systems to enhance smooth inhalation, a puff sensor for free, and simple responding draws. Remove the rubber seal from the top and bottom parts o the sticker when using.

The MYLE mini pod system is a new invention. It has come with additional features for comfort and smooth vaping experiences. They are durable hence can be used for a longer time when refilled. These pod devices are cheaper but contain more e-liquid juices to satisfy a day's enjoyment.

My devices have many LEDs and translucent material, making it easy to determine the remaining battery power.

Taste and flavors

A variety of tastes and flavors are available in the myle device to match your preferences and provide great experiences. The devices are refillable or non-refillable. Those buying non-refillable should choose the flavor they like so they don't end up with flavors you don't like and cannot change.  Common flavors used are;

Tropical mango

This flavor has a smooth and sweet tropical mango taste. It burst the taste bud and has award summer taste like pound cake.

Iced apple mango

A combination of luscious apples and juicy mangoes that has the natural taste of the ingredients. It's iced to provide a cool sweet smooth feel that is perfect for users.

Sweet tobacco

This flavor is made from tobacco products. It’s perfect for cigarette smokers as it has the tobacco taste they are used to.

Strawberry flavors

This flavor has the natural strawberry taste and a calm, sweet smell when exhaled. It leaves the user with a sweet, pleasing aroma in their mouths and a perfect vape to use before kissing.

Tropical fruit mix

 This flavor has a great taste and is made of various tropical fruits. It has a sweet and calm feel when exhaled, suitable for fruit lovers.

Other used flavors are; iced watermelon, lemon mint, red apple.

Why the MYLE Mini Disposable System Is Not Working.

The myle device may not work correctly due to various reasons. If the light in the myle mini is blinking is shows that the battery charge has been exhausted. The batteries are designed to last longer than the e-liquid for more puffs. So if the mini MYLE is not working and blinking, consider getting another pack has the charge is over.

A disposable mini myle device may not be working due to blockage in the air sensor, facilitating easy flow when puffing. If the airflow sensor is condensed, sensitivity is hindered hence the failure of the whole device. Heating or warming with a hair drier, the air inside gets the airflow sensor working.

 Why you should buy the myle mini disposable pod systems compared to other alternatives

The alternative to myle devices is the JUUL pod device. These two devices have similar features and functions, but the following points show why MYLE mini is the best.

The shape of the JUUL devices is a box, while the MYLE system has slightly rounded edges for comfortable holding.  They both have a strong structure, but the MYLE mini has a more modern and upscale industry design.

Flavor tastes vary in different devices. For example, the JUUL devices have various flavors, including fruit and tobacco profiles. Myle offers more flavors in addition to the fruity and tobacco flavors. Iced coffee, pound cake which makes it the best for smokers and dessert lovers.

My devices are cheaper and have more e-juice capacity compared to their alternatives. They have official pods accessories and a system that makes them safe for use.

How to Refill MYLE Mini Pods Systems

My devices come in two types; refillable and non-refillable systems. Refilling the pods is cheaper and makes it cheaper to use the myle mini device. Bottled e-juices are used to refill the pods several times before you toss them away. The procedure of refilling is;

Remove the used pod from the myle mini system and pry from the translucent part using your nails or a screwdriver.

Remove the rubber stopper, closing the pod.

Fill the pod with the e-liquid to almost full leave some space to avoid overflowing when fixing the pod back.

Replace the pods' seal and close it.

However, refilled pods are not efficient as new ones as they may leak or are slower.


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