RELX Infinity Flavoured Vape Pod New Zealand


Relx Infinity Prefilled Pod Systems come with 1.9ml of e-liquid with a 380 mAh battery that supplies enough wattage for automatic hitting of the liquid.  The device is available in three colors, including red, silver, and black.

Relx is one of the best brands dedicated to giving former smokers, newbies in the vaping world, and advanced vapers quality vaping devices as an alternative to smoking. In the market dominated by giants like JUUL, Relx has also proven to be among the best vape brands vapers can turn to for a better vaping experience.  As their name suggests, the brand is designed to provide infinity convenience, utility, and taste to everyone in the vaping world.

 The kit holds 1.9 ml of vape juice, a 380 mAh battery, fast type C charging, and superSmooth technology.  Nonetheless, the Relx Infinity pod comes with a charging case that allows you to charge the vape while traveling. What's more?  The vape device is designed with Maze technology that enhances leak resistance.

What is Relx?

Relx is a leading vape company specifically located in established in 2018 by former Chinese Uber head Kate Wang.  Relx is China's biggest e-cigarette player. For that reason, it is mostly compared to JUUL in terms of performance. If you are outside China, you can order Relx's next-gen vape pen and pods that will be delivered with a global shipping service.

What is a Vape Pod?

Vape Pod systems are becoming the big thing in the 21st century. Most people are choosing this vape types because they last longer.  While there are hundreds of brands in the market, Relx manufactures vape pods and pens worth your attention whether you are a first-timer in vaping or simply want to transition from smoking to vaping. Therefore, a vape pod is a vaping device, usually smaller than box mods with replaceable cartridges.   Vape pods operate with pre-filled e-liquid and battery as main elements.  Some pods come with buttons for powering on the heating system to provide vapor. However, most of the variants are automatic. This means you can activate them from the draw.

What Is the Difference Between   Refillable and Disposed Pod Systems?

In the market, you will bump into refillable or open vape pods and disposed or closed pod systems. First-time vapers may find it challenging to differentiate these devices as they both smaller than box mods.  Open vape pod systems come with refillable cartridges that allow you to open the device and interchange the e-liquid.  These vape types may require proper maintenance. However, open pods also allow you to customize them to meet your demands.

Closed or Disposable Pod Systems are people's choice because they are easy to use. These variants come with pre-filled pods that are already charged batteries that allow use straight away. Relx Infinity Prefilled systems are high-quality closed pods that come with various flavors and easy to replace cartridges.

Who Uses RELX Infinity Pre-Filled Pod System?

Vape pod systems are healthy for certain types of smokers. Like other players in the market, Relx manufactures vape pods with nicotine salt. Nicotine is a powerful chemical that can cause reproductive harm to pregnant and lactating women. Also, the chemical can be dangerous to people with heart attack, asthma, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and those on medication.

Flavors and Tastes

Relx Infinity   Pre-filled Pod Systems come with different flavors that can satisfy your demands. Most of these flavors are obtained from high-quality natural ingredients. The ingredients are backed up with    3 %( 30mg) and 5%( 50mg) nicotine strength. For beginners, 50 mg nicotine strength may not be a good starting point. In most cases, first-timers are advised to avoid 5 % nicotine strength vape pods because they are stronger. Here are the types of flavors and tastes you will find in the Relx Infinity Pre-Filled Pod Collection.

Menthol Plus

For those transitioning from smoking menthol cigarettes, menthol plus can be a better choice. When exhaled, the Menthol Plus flavor leaves your mouth cool with peppermint or spearmint taste.

Fresh Red

Fresh Red is simply a watermelon flavor. After exhaling, the fresh red vapor leaves a mint taste in your mouth.  The balanced mint taste makes this flavor refreshing and a better summer vape. Also known as the Mellow Out for The Summer, Fresh Red gives a feel is sinking teeth in watermelon on the beach.

Tangy Purple

 Tangy purple is a better choice for grape-lovers.  The flavor is typically a grape flavor.

Raspy Ruby

 Raspy Ruby is simply a minty raspberry flavor. This flavor leaves a floral taste when exhaled. Rasp berries provide a cooling sensation, making this vape juice ideal for summer.  Raspy ruby is not sweet but is among the simple flavors that can take your vaping experience to another level.

Ludou Ice

This flavor might be new to many vapers because it is not commonly discussed under ice range flavors. However, if you have ever tasted mung bean, this flavor is something you can enjoy.  Ludou Ice recreates an Asian dessert whose leading ingredient is mung bean.

Golden Slice

 Golden slice provides a mango-like refreshing mango flavor. Most mango e-liquids have mentholated, hence can be unfriendly to many vapers.  However, that should not stop you from trying this vape if you love mango vibes.

Garden’s Heart

This is a   refreshing strawberry milk flavor. Golden's heart feels like the least mentholated flavor. However, for strawberry lovers, this is a must-try.

Dark Sparkle

This is one of the best cola flavors you can enjoy vaping. Dark Sparkle has the right amounts of cooling that leave you with a fizzy taste when you exhale its vapor.

Watermelon Mint

 Watermelon is among the fruits people enjoy in summer.   The fruit is watery, hence a perfect tool for regulating heat in the body and maintaining healthy water levels. While some people simply eat watermelon for fun, others use it to satisfy their nicotine cravings.  Are you wondering how this can be possible?  Try Watermelon mint Relx Prefilled Pod Systems.

Pros of Using Relx Infinity Prefilled Pod Systems

  • These pods are easy to use on the go because they are lightweight.
  • They come with interchangeable cartridges that enhance durability.
  • The pods are always ready to use, saving you time for assembling the parts.
  • Relx pods come in different flavors that leave you with a pool of options to choose from.
  • They are also designed with 3% and 5 % nicotine salt strengths for beginners and advanced vapers.
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