UWELL Caliburn G Refillable Pod Vape Kit New Zealand



The Uwell Caliburn has been a leading product in Vaping ever since it was created back in early 2019. It’s been the vape which most of the pod systems strive to live up to.

Design and Build Quality

The Caliburn G is still a skinny and long device though a little wider and slightly shorter than the original. Its ‘vape pen’ shape makes it ultra-convenient since it can easily slip into the pocket or handbag. The Caliburn G is made with zinc-alloy, and it is very light. The ribbed lines running down the sides of the original are featured on all front, and back faces of the Caliburn G. these lines add some grip to something that would have been a slippery device and provide a nice appearance. The front side ‘Caliburn’ is subtly printed with a LED indicator.

The firing button is very large and has a bronze accent ring around it. This bronze ring is what provides it with a classy look. The button is tangible and responsive if pressed. However, the Caliburn G also has a draw-activated firing that you can draw on the mouthpiece to vape easily. The mouthpiece also works as the fill cap for the pod. It's more rounded than that of the original.

While the pod of the original Caliburn was magnetically attached, this pod firmly click into place. Additionally, when installed, the windows on the sides of the Caliburn G allow you to see the remaining juice inside easily. The bottom half of the pods are very clear and can hold at most 2ml ejuice.

How to Use the Caliburn G

Even if you are just a first timer in vaping, the Caliburn G is truly a quick and easy way to start vaping. Although it takes a replaceable coil and not replaceable pods on the original, you will have to properly prime before vaping.

First, grab a coil. Both coils in the box are just the same, so it doesn't matter which one you choose. Take a juice of your own choice and drop a few of the e-liquid at the cotton on both sides of the coil. After you are done with this, take the coil and then insert it inside the pod by just lining up the flat edge with the other flat edge on the bottom of the pod. Then the pod easily pushes into the bottom of the pod.

The mouthpiece usually serves as the fill cap; hence you need to remove it by pushing side by side or front to back until it gets out. Since the mouthpiece is slick, you might feel some pain removing it for the first time, but it gets much easier if you frequently remove it.

Stick your juice bottle nozzle inside the red gasket to fill the pod. Let it sit for only 5 minutes to give the cotton enough time to absorb all the juice. You will get either a loose or tight MTL to draw from the Caliburn G, depending on how you insert the pod. There are two tiny airflow holes both at the bottom of the pod and on the side of the Koko Prime. Note that if the pod is inserted so that the airflow holes are close to each other, you will have a looser MTL draw and vice versa. You can try both to see what's best for you.


For such a simple device, there's more to know about performance. The first thing to look at is the airflow. Depending on how you will insert the pod, the Caliburn G can move from a tight MTL draw up to a tighter MTL draw; these are both more restricted compared to the draw obtained on the original Caliburn. If you are always impressed with a looser MTL, know that you won’t get a looser draw from the Caliburn G.

Another main improvement is the flavor. The Caliburn G is significantly more favorable and provides a warm, rich, and flavorful vapor that is not easy to compete with. Using the draw-activated firing can provide warm vapor, but if you press the fire button just before you draw can allow for a slightly warmer vape that is significantly nice. The flavor from this vape is very impressive and perfect compared to other pod vapes. Additionally, these 0.8ohm coils are very versatile. A 6 mg regular nicotine juice can still deliver a nice draw, even after being used in a low-powered device.

Battery life and charging

At 690 mAh, the Yearn doesn't have enough battery life. But what's interesting about the battery capacity is that it's exactly in tune with the quantity of the liquid. 690 mAh and 1.5 mL isn't very perfect, though, on a fully charged battery, the same charge can last until the pod gets out of the liquid. Therefore, if your battery is full and put in a full pod, the battery life can be effectively read by how much juice is left. There are battery indicator lights.

  • Green: 60 – 100%
  • Blue: 30 – 60%
  • Red: 0 – 30%

The device can fully charge within 45 minutes. The LED will show the flashlight slowly when the device is charging and light green when it's fully charged. Additionally, the Caliburn also supports a pass-through. Thus, one can still use it while it's plugged.


The Caliburn G is among the rarest MTL pod vapes that don't require high nicotine to shine. The Cali G is one of the best pod vapes that one can recommend you to choose. It's a great performer that's significantly easy to operate by anyone for both experienced and beginner vapers. Those people who should mostly use the G are those who were used with the airflow of the original Caliburn.

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