Vaporesso XROS Refillable Pod Vape New Zealand


This is a review of the Vaporesso Xros, the next-gen pod system with an internal battery capacity of 80mAh that makes it very portable.


New pod vape kits launch nearly every day in the market. Although in this case, the Vaporesso Xros isn't a run-on-the-mill vape pod, and it's one of the best vape devices to try out. It doesn't only cater to mouth-to-lung vapers due to the two relatively high resistance coil-heads. Instead, it also features a large battery to boot and a great airflow control system.

Design and Build Quality

The new Xros is another pen-style pod system. It’s one of the most common vape pods in the market though it’s slightly larger due to the high-capacity battery inside. The Vaporesso Xros is primarily made of stainless steel and measures 112mm by 23mm by 13mm. Plus, it is found in several colors, including brushed stainless steel and sky blue. The Xros, much like the VooPoo Vinci Pod , has automatic and manual battery activation hence a round, metallic fire button closely with a flush battery. Though it's not a must that you use it. You can still draw on the mouthpiece as you would do on a JUUL, and then a draw sensor will instantly activate the battery.

Opposite the fire, a button is an airflow control slider, an interesting Vaporesso Xros. You don’t usually see an airflow control on this kind of basic vaping device, so you have to accept the type of airflow designed in the product by the manufacturer without any adjustment. That’s where the Xros is different from other categories.

Wide-open, the airflow comes with three intake slots exposed, allowing you to do a loose mouth-to-lung, plus a restricted direct lung hit while completely closed off. It is good for a cigarette-like draw or a super-tight draw. The airflow control system is perfectly positioned some meters above the fore button. If you prefer to vape using the fire button, there will be no danger of accidentally covering an air intake slot with an index finger.

The Vaporesso Xros doesn’t come with replaceable coil-heads relying instead on the disposable pods like any other pod mod or pod system. Although this is somewhat outdated, it's perfect because the XROS is primarily designed for fresh ex-smokers looking for something viable and casual vapers who specifically don’t like to make their hands very dirty replacing coil-heads. The disposable pods are significantly convenient in this case.

XROS pods come in two variants that are 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm. It is easy to differentiate them by the clear resistance rating on the bottom and the color-coded O-rings inside. (Black for the higher resistance and red for a lower resistance). They are both aimed at MTL. This is rare, and the only difference is that the 0.8ohms delivers warmer vapor compared to the 1.2 ohms coil.

The pods hold 2ml of e-liquid and connect to the battery section through a powerful magnet and feature top filling. Pull out the mouthpiece to expose the fill port. It's the hole to the side and not the middle; hence you shouldn't get confused. The filling is very easy. Stick your juice bottle needle inside the fill port and pour it until it's full. After which, you should put back the mouthpiece and wait for about 10 minutes for the wicking to finally soak the juice.

How the Vaporesso XROS vapes

The Vaporesso Xros is very special, and you will love it. Irrespective of which two coil-heads one uses, the 0.8ohms or 1.2ohms, you will love the vapes as long as you are into the MTL. The lower resistance coil provides a noticeable warmer vape, and apart from that, the two are significantly similar. The 1.2ohms pod is quite a more restricted draw though you can still adjust that on the 0.8ohms using airflow control.

The Vaporesso Xros is mainly about airflow control. Without airflow control, this device would be like another pen-style pod system. But that little slider makes it much better, allowing the user to customize the draw. The integrated airflow control indicates that the Xros will greatly appeal in the market. Vaporesso suggests that the 0.8ohms mesh coil-head is perfect for controlled direct lung vaping. Though this is technically correct, it is best suited for a loose mouth-to-lung, with the airflow wide open. However, the Vaporesso Xros is not a good choice if you are looking for thick plumes of vapor or an airy draw. This is a vape pod specifically for people interested in a tight, cigarette-like draw.

Vaporesso Xros Battery Life

The 400mAh used to be the norm for most vape pods. The Xros has now doubled that capacity which is pretty awesome for a pod system. You can tell that Vaporesso is now leading to improving the battery life for most pods since they were the first to come up with a 650mAh vape pod. 800mAh battery capacity is even better though it’s not the only thing considered for the Xros. It even has USB-C fast charging, specifically at 1A. This means the battery can get fully charged in about an hour or so, which isn’t that bad for such a compact device. Additionally, you can even use it while it’s still charging, but its charging cable is quite long.

The Vaporesso XROS comes with a small LED battery life indicator suited exactly under the fire button. It lights green when the charge is at or over 70%, blue charge between 70-30%, and red under 30%


The Vaporesso Xros is one of the best MTL-focused pod systems of all time. It has many things right, ranging from an integrated airflow control system to a notable battery capacity and a chosen resistances for the mesh coils. Some call it a Caliburn killing, though this is diminishing the potential of this device. As much as Uwell Caliburn has been significantly popular in the last years, one could argue it isnt as advanced as the Xros. Therefore, if you wish to have a customized mouth-to-lung vaping experience, you will have a very hard time looking for something better than the Vaporesso Xros device.


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