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Formerly Vype pods, Vuse pod vape systems have evolved into rewarding alternatives to smoking.  The e-pods come with different flavorful vape juices and nicotine strengths to meet all your demand.

VUSE ePods can be your next big thing if you want to quit smoking once and for all because they are easy to use, require less maintenance and come with high-quality cartridges.  A pack of Vype ePod has 2 pods that hold 1,9 ml of vape juice. The redesigned look and feel of these devices allow you to get more flavors and experience more innovations that add flavor to your vaping world.  While operating as Vype pods, the company was dedicated to delivering high-quality vaping devices. Now, as Vuse, it offers the same quality but more options to vapers.

About Vuse

Vuse is a North Carolina-based e-cigarette m manufacturer established in 2012 by Reynold American Inc.  Its e-liquids are blended in the USA with nicotine extracted from tobacco. Vuse, originally known as Vype Pods, create technologically advanced ePods to meet all needs of former smokers with the high-quality vapor production. Vuse ePod cartridges are designed to make vaping fuse-free, mess-free, and spill-free. Globally the flavors of these pod systems are rich and come in 0mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12mg, 18mg, 34mg, 48mg and 57mg nicotine strength to allow you to customize your vaping experience. Vuse flavors come with blended tobacco or golden tobacco to give you a traditional taste. For fruity taste, you can try fresh apple, dark cherry, and peach swirls.

Are Vuse Better Than Traditional Cigarettes?

Vaping has gained popularity in the modern world because of the health benefits it brings. More people are also joining the vaping world because it has no restrictions.  As already stated, Vuse ePods are rich in 18 mg, 34mg, 48mg and 57mg of nicotine strength. This allows you to choose the nicotine strength that meets your demands. For former heavy smokers, 48mg or 57mg of nicotine salt strength can be a better choice because powerful throat hits you can get from traditional cigarettes. Despite the nicotine strength you choose, Vuse ePods deliver on safety. 

Are Vuse ePods Ideal for Everyone?

 Vuse ePods are ideal for different types of smokers. However, the choice of nicotine strength requires may have side harm depending on your health status. 

 Differentiating Open and Closed Pod Systems

The vape pod market is dominated by two vape mode types; Open and closed pods. In the same market, there are Box mods and Vape pens.  Box modes are larger and bulkier than other vape device because they accommodate multiple barriers.  For this reason, their vapor production is more intense than vape pens and vape pods.  Vuse ePods are closed system devices. This means you cannot open the tank to change the coil or customize it according to your demands. Like other closed pods, they come with prefilled cartridges and charged batteries that allow use straight away. Open pod systems are refillable pods that allow opening the tank to change the coil for a better customizable experience. Refillable pods are ideal for advanced vapers because they require thorough care. Their price may also be higher than closed variants. Therefore, you can use Vuse prefilled ePods to build your experience in the vaping world before finding your way to a fuller vaping device.

Vuse ePods Flavors and Tastes

Vuse ePods come in different flavors and tastes to meet the demands of all vapers. Each flavor is enriched with different nicotine strengths allowing you to choose to give your nicotine cravings a magic punch. Here are the common types of Vuse-e liquids.

Chilled Mint Nic Salts

Chilled mint comes with 3 mg 6mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg nicotine strength. This allows you to choose the strength that perfectly hits your throat to satisfy your nicotine cravings.  Typically, chilled mint is a well-crafted mint flavor.

Gold Tobacco

This is typically rich tobacco with caramel flavor. Exhaling its vapor leaves you with a classic tobacco taste. Choose Vuse Gold Tobacco ePods with 12 mg or 18mg nicotine salt strength.

Peppermint Tobacco Nic Salts

This is fresh peppermint with toasted tobacco flavor from Vuse's son range flavor collection. It is available in 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18mg nicotine salt.

Garden Strawberry

Garden Strawberry is a mixture of original strawberry and green fruits.  If you like strawberry vibes, you can choose 12mg and 18 mg ePods of this flavor to push your vaping experience.

Peach lemon

Peach lemon is a mixture of peach and lemon with little rosemary tones.

Passion Fruits

Typically, this is a mixture of passion fruits and almond enriched with 0 mg of nicotine salt strength. For passion fruits lovers, this is a flavor to enjoy.

Tropical Mango

Tropical mangoes are among the cherished fruits around the globe. Therefore, Vuse using them to create e-liquids should not be a surprise to you.   If you like mango vibes, there is a lot for you in 0mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg nicotine salt strength ePods.

Pros of Vuse ePods

  • Vuse ePod Pod Systems Come with color-changing alerts to show when to change the pod and recharge the battery.
  • The flavors are rich in different nicotine strengths to meet the need of beginners and heavy smokers.
  • The VUSE ePod replacement pod cartridges come in many flavors, leaving you with a pool to choose from.


  • The puff counter may reduce the lifespan of the cartridge.

The Bottom Line

Vuse is one of the reputable vape pod brands in the market right now. Changing from Vype to Vuse has helped vapers stretch their experience with innovative ePods. You can always count on their devices whether you are a vaping beginner or simply want to further your experience.



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