VAPO HAIZ Flavoured Vape Kit New Zealand


The VAPO Haiz Pod System uses prefilled 2 ml cartridges, a 500 mAh battery, and Vapo e-juices rich in 3% (30 mg) nicotine salt strength.  Haiz is sleek and discreet, designed to meet the demands of all types of vapers.

 VAPO is one of the vape pod providers that decided to take things to another level. Their technologically advanced prefilled pod systems come with innovative coil designs that give exceptional performance in vapor production, airflow, and flavor.  Its design allows easy snapping of the 500mAh large capacity battery into the system.  The battery, which is more than 2x the size of JUUL, is charged by the Micro-USB.  Inside, there are interchangeable pods that magnetically connect to the battery.  The VAPO pod system cones with various flavors, including Gold Tobacco, Menthol Ice, and Watermelon, rich in   3% nicotine salt strength.

About VAPO

 VAPO is a New-Zealand based company that provides quality vaping products and nicotine e-liquids delivery systems from various brands across the world.  All products in the store are tested to give you a better experience.  

Are VAPO Pod Systems Closed or Open Systems?

 For vaping devices, you always have two choices. However, differentiating the two can be challenging because they all small-sized.  VAPO pods are closed pod systems because they come with prefilled cartridges and charged batteries that allow straight away use. For that reason, they are ideal for people transitioning from smoking to vaping. These devices are designed to make vaping simple. With flavors like Golden Tobacco, you can easily switch from smoking to vaping without bodily harm. Open pod systems are pods that allow the opening to change the pods and coils. Also known as refillable pods, these devices allow you to customize them depending on the vaping experience you want. Refillable VAPO pod systems are ideal for advanced vapers because they require high maintenance.

 Are Vape Pod Systems Suitable for Heavy Smokers?

Vape devices are a definitive alternative to smoking.  Whether you are a heavy smoker or not, Vapo Pod Systems are the real deal. The   3 % nicotine strength allows you to cut back or simply do away with traditional cigarettes once and for all.  This nicotine strength provides the same throat hit you can get in conventional cigarettes to satisfy your cravings.

What Are the Best VAPO Vape Pods for Beginners?

VAPO   has a collection of high-quality and easy-to-use vape pods for people planning to quit smoking forever.  The option is the HAIZ Pod kit. These are closed pod systems that provide the same satisfaction as smoking with no carcinogen side effects. HAIZ Pod kits come with a battery and cartridge filled with vape juice. Insert the pod into the battery to start using the kit.

Flavors and Tastes

VAPO Haiz pod systems come in 6 flavors. Each flavor is rich in 3 % (30 mg) nicotine salt. However, there are other variants with 0 % nicotine salt strength.

Gold Tobacco

If you are looking to transition from smoking to vaping once and for all, this is the flavor to go for.  The juice delivers a fine Tobacco flavor with a caramel taste when exhaled.

Menthol Ice

This flavor leaves a   refreshing and cool taste in your mouth when you exhale the vapor.  Menthol ice is a must-try flavor if you are a former smoker of menthol cigarettes.  VAPO menthol ice e-liquid delivers bursts of icy freshness with sharp, crisp tastes.


Watermelon has many benefits to bodies. For instance, it helps balance the water levels and regulate body heat during summer. For that reason, you can fulfill the 8-glass   of water requirement with this fruit.  But have you ever thought of vaping watermelon flavoured e-liquids?  


This is simply a tropical mango flavor with menthol. The menthol part is hard, but you will always find yourself coming back to this if you like the mango vibes.


If you like citrus fruits, this flavor is something you can enjoy.  The citrus flavor is characterized by sharp tones and the never-ending sweetness.  When exhaled, they leave a fresh and fragrant smell in your mouth.

Blueberry Crumble

This a new flavor in VAPO’s fruit range. Inhaling the blueberry crumble leaves you with a blueberry jelly flavor. Exhaling leaves you with a crumb bakery cake flavor.  The vape is perfectly balanced, hence not too sweet. VAPO has everything you need to transition from smoking to vaping. Similarly, you can count on them if you want to further your vaping experience.

The Bottom Line

Vaping is significantly increasing today because it is health-supportive. With vape pods, you can satisfy your nicotine cravings and reduce carcinogen effects simultaneously. 






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