Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max - Flavoured Disposable Vape New Zealand


The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max has 50mg (5%) or 30mg (3) of nicotine salt strength and 6.5ml of e-Juice to take your vaping experience to another level. They are also powered by 1000 mAh batteries for on the go vaping and value for money. 

Dinner Lady Vape Max Disposable Pod Systems are portable vaping devices powered by 1000 mAh batteries and wicked coils to give 1,500 puffs before throwing away.  After placing your order, you will receive a charged Dinner Lady Disposable device ready for vaping. The e-liquids in these devices are enhanced by nicotine salts work effectively well to satisfy nicotine cravings. Dinner Lady E-liquids are used in these disposables and are obtained from high-quality ingredients for better performance. Dinner Lady's Vape Pen Max is primarily manufactured for the USA, but the e-liquids are made in the world class Vape Dinner Lady manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom.  The Vape Pen Max is available in 8 different flavors to take your vaping experience to another level.

Why Choose the Dinner Lady Vape Max Disposable Pod Systems?

Unlike the standard disposables, the large format disposables hold more eliquid, that is 6.5 ml translating to approximately 1,500 puffs. The standard disposables have tanks with 1.5 mil and 1.6-ohm coils that provide 400 puffs, equivalent to 20 cigarettes. With 1000 mAh, you can use your vape pen max for several days on end. The device’s simple activation system allows you to easily start vaping straight away. Since it a disposable system, you will not incur maintenance cost at any point.

What Are the Different Flavors Used in Making These Disposables?

Dinner Lady Disposable max vape pens come in 9 different flavors to meet the personality of all vapers. Each flavor has 50mg or 30 mg of nicotine salt strength to give you a better vaping experience. The flavors in these disposables include;

Lemon Tart

Lemmon Tart is the most common and cherished flavor for vaping devices.  Introducing this range of flavors made Dinner Lady gain recognition in the vape pen market.  Lemon Tart Flavor can also be a good starting point for those transitioning from smoking to vaping. For better performance, Dinner Lady included   50mg or 30 mg of nicotine salt in this flavor.

Strawberry Mac

Straw Mac flavor is also common vape juice made in the UK by Dinner Lady.  Strawberry macaroon can be a better choice for people who dislike menthol flavor in vapes.

Banana Ice

Have you tried a banana smoothie with crushed ice?  The banana Ice is sweet and overwhelming, like the banana smoothie and crushed ice.  Ice flavors are more popular in vape pens today, prompting Dinner Lady to produce banana ice for people who like bananas.

Citrus Ice

This is a mixture of lime, lemon, orange, and menthol.  Orange steals the show in the mixture to give Fanta vibes in the exhale.  Citrus ice may feel artificial when vaping for the first time. However, its sweet vibes will keep you coming back for more.

Bubblegum Ice

 This ice flavor delivers pure bubble gum vibes. The Dinner Lady bubble gum ice is cool and refreshing. In the Ice range flavors, this one is a must-try for people with different vaping experiences.

Fruit Mix

Dinner Lady Fruit mix is a high-quality flavor containing red berries, grapes, citrus fruits, and currents.  Some max pens come with a few contents of the fruit mix. It is therefore important to carefully read through the ingredients of the fruit vape before placing an order. The fruit mixes a tiny proportion of menthol for full fruit vibes.

Lemon Sherbet Ice

Lemon Sherbet Ice contains 50mg of nicotine salt. The   Lemon Sherbet Ice flavor balances sweet, zesty, and sour tones to give you a classic exhale. Disposable Max Pens crafted with this flavor can be used by anyone in the vaping world.

Mango Ice

This is a must-try if mango is your favorite vaping flavor. For those who dislike menthol, this vape flavor mat not be a better choice for you.  If you are not used to it, two puffs can leave you with a headache.

Strawberry Ice

Strawberry ice is simply an iced strawberry flavor. The flavor is also more refreshing to elevate your vaping experience. All Iced flavors are supplemented by koolada to add a fresh finish to your vaping experience.  The list carries more fruit flavors mixed with menthol. You will therefore have many options to choose from if you are a fruit lover. 


The Vape Pen Max is priced higher than standard Dinner Lady disposables.  While most disposables come with 1.5 ml of juice, the max variants boast 6.5 of juice to allow you to indulge in vaping without worrying about refilling the tank or carrying extra bottles of vape juice. For that reason, most max disposable costs up to  $24.90 while standard variants range between $11.90 to $14.99.

Pros of Dinner Lady Vape   Pen Max Disposable

  • The Vape Pen is Easy to Use
  • It comes with 8 flavors that leave you with many options to pick from
  • The vape pen lasts longer, considering it comes with 6.5 ml of juice
  • Allows you to choose the nicotine salt strength to use(30mg/ 50 mg)
  • It easy to carry around in your pocket


  • Not available in traditional Tobacco and Mint

The Bottom Line

The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is a better device for those looking to further their vaping experience. The vape pen max is designed to satisfy your cravings with more than 1,500 puffs and a nicotine concentration of 30 mg or 50 mg. 


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