What are the best nicotine salts of 2020?

Best Nicotine Salts of 2020

Looking for the top nicotine salts of 2019? You’re in the right place. Nicotine salts are becoming popular for good reason, and as a result, there’s lots of innovation going on right now—which means lots of new products to try!

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 picks. Let’s dive into some of the smoothest, most enjoyable nicotine salts on the market!


Amazing Mango by Naked100

If you’re involved in the vaping industry, odds are you’ve heard of the Naked brand and the Amazing Mango salt. Amazing Mango truly lives up to its name! This high-quality, flavourful nicotine salt packs a fruity punch paired with smooth and enjoyable hits.

To date, Amazing Mango is one of the most popular Naked flavours and continues to gain a big following. If you’re someone who enjoys the delicious taste of mangoes, peaches, and cream, then the tropical taste of Amazing Mango is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.


Classic Menthol by I Love Salts

Looking for an e-liquid that packs a powerful nicotine punch? Your hunt is over, because Classic Menthol by I Love Salts gives you a noticeable nicotine hit that will satisfy your cravings and help you beat your smoking habit.

Available in either 25mg or 50mg nicotine strengths, you can pick the strength that’s best for you as well as enjoy a cool minty flavour that will leave you feeling fresh and energised. It’s the perfect choice if you’re a fan of that cooling, tingly menthol sensation.


Cotton Candy Nicotine Salt by ZONK!

Bring out your inner kid with this sweet and delicious Cotton Candy Nicotine Salt by Zonk. Who didn’t love carrying around a huge, glorious stick of cotton candy when you were at a carnival or festival as a kid? Now you can enjoy that same experience that you had as a kid, but in adult form!

With a hint of bubble gum flavouring, this cotton candy fix helps you check off all the boxes for your sweet tooth while also enjoying a powerful hit of nicotine. It’s the best of both worlds!


Mint Nicotine Salt by Salt Factory

If you’re a bit of a salt connoisseur and you like salt brands that were the originals in the industry, then you need to try this limited edition Mint Nicotine Salt by Salt Factory.

One of the first juice lines to hit the market, and still a top competitor, Salt Factory makes some of the smoothest blends of juices to give people the best vaping experience possible. Mint Nicotine Salt gives you a smooth, flavourful taste while also letting you enjoy one of the OG e-juice blends in the industry.


American Patriots by Naked100

Now, you can’t have a list of top nicotine salts and not mention American Patriots by Naked. If you’re someone who values true American tobacco flavors, then this is one you need to have in your arsenal!  In addition to a smooth, classic tobacco flavor, American Patriots also gives you a powerful nicotine hit that will satisfy all your cravings.

Want to see what other salts we have in our collection? Take a look at our store and see what salt calls out to you! There’s no wrong answer when it comes to nicotine salts.

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